Tea Trailblazers is different...

Because we care about the children’s health inside and outside. We have a balance of foods the kids enjoy eating and a healthy lunch we can be proud to serve. Each lunch meal is served in our gymnasium allowing children to practice transitional skills, walking in a line, and social skills at the table. They practice manners, good handwashing techniques, using silverware and cleaning up after themselves.


Our Food Program

Tea Trailblazers has an on-site cook who makes healthy, yet kid-friendly meals here in our kitchen. The on-site cook also provides baked goods for our A.M. and P.M. Our mobile and toddler rooms have an extra P.M. snack at 4:00 p.m. to give our littles the extra boost of energy they need to get them through the day. We are responsive to the children’s needs and wants, and we often try new foods and listen to what the children are loving. We allow sack lunch to be brought in and stored in the child’s locker. We are a nut free center.