Tea Trailblazers is different...

Because we care about the children’s health inside and outside. We have a balance of foods the kids enjoy eating and a healthy lunch we can be proud to serve. Each lunch meal is served in our gymnasium allowing children to practice transitional skills, walking in a line, and social skills at the table. They practice manners, using silverware and cleaning up after themselves.


Our Food Partner

Tea Trailblazers partners with Dialed In Nutrition out of Lennox, SD by suppling two to three meals per week. “The genesis of Dialed In Nutrition was founded in the home of Sara and Shea Geelan after a collective decision to put a higher emphasis on cleaner eating for themselves and their family. Through trial and error with different recipes and ingredients with the toughest critics….their children, they were able to realize that it IS possible to make a healthy lifestyle change while still enjoying what you eat!!”


Sara and Shea Geelan